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More About Me!!!

Copywriter and Content Strategist by Profession. Dreamer, Book Devourer  by Heart.
In Perpetual Love with the Written Word.
Passionate in Creating Words that will Impact,
Impress & Express. 

And That's' Me in a Jiff... 


Hi I’m Archana


                  I’m a Content Strategist and Copywriter whose ambition is to help Business owners and Coaches Achieve their Peak Potential by providing Stellar Written Content.

                   I always had a Passion for Writing and Reading. From a very young age I’ve been impressed by how writers can express so much, just by using  words. I’ve been mesmerized by how, we can Create an Entire World, Convey Visual Pictures and Influence people just by writing about it. If a book can create such an impression in a young mind, then what all can be done using the power of words?

                      That is when I started writing. Picking up a fountain pen and writing became a passion and a daily activity I invariably look forward to. I was a Crazy Reader as well. My dream was to get locked out in a big library with all those wonderful books. Imagine that…!!! Owning a shelf full of books became my childhood target. Little did I know I’ll achieve that even before completing middle school. I used to read everything – books, novels, comics, self-improvement books, Encyclopedia, Wren & Martin, Thesaurus and even a Dictionary… Yup and I’m not even joking… Reading and writing were passions that consumed me.

If you are interested in - How Reading Changed My Life check out my Blog -- The Power of Reading Books: How a Simple Hobby Transformed my Life

              After completing Engineering with flying colors, I started working in a well reputed Software Corporate. The Experienced I gained there, helped me hone my Professional Writing Skills. I still remember how delighted I was when as a fresher,  my Manager told me that my mails were so Precise, Clear and Very Professional. So after working in Corporate sector for over a decade, Communication, Drafting Official Mails and Technical Writing came effortlessly.

                       It has always been my pleasure to be able to help someone with anything written. My friends and colleagues would often approach me with their written material for me to review and give some feedback. Which I was always happy to do. 

                I have always respected the fact that each Person has something that they are good at – be it Selling a Product, Contributing to Society, Life Coaching, Environmental Preservation, Designing, Art and loads more. I understood that there is a world out there, that has people who need to Express themselves to Grow their Business and waiting to Provide their Services to anyone who needs it.


Their Only Problem --- Unable to communicate it in an Effective way, to their Target Audience to Achieve their Dreams.


This is where I come in:

  • High converting Website Copy – Check

  • Landing page Copy – Check

  • Product Descriptions – Check

  • News Letters– Check

  • Social Media content, Insta Descriptions – Check

  • Articles and Blogs – Check

  • Captivating Content writing – Check

  • Professional Writing – Check

Looking forward to Travel Together in this journey to Captivate with Content...

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